• How A Virtual Assistant Can Increase Your Company’s Revenue

    Regardless whether you’re a busy real estate agent, a stressed out property manager, or an overworked investor – a virtual assistant can change the game for you. Not only can virtual assistants free up some time in your busy schedule, they can also increase your real estate revenue.

    What is a virtual assistant?

    A virtual assistant works very much like an in-person assistant. They can take on the more administrative duties of your booming real estate business to free up some of your schedule which allows you to focus on the revenue-generating aspects of your business. Or they can serve as a point-of-contact for your customers looking for an immediate response to their questions while you are out showing properties.

    Often times, virtual assistants work in remote locations and offer their services on a part-time basis so you don’t have to worry about the expense of hiring a full-time employee at your real estate office. Hiring a VA as opposed to a full-time employee usually offers a significant cost savings for you because you’re not wasting extra money maintaining a full-time employee. You only spend the amount of money for the time you need!

    How can a VA help me to increase revenue?

    Customer Service & Appointment Setting

    A large aspect of any sale or client engagement is communication. But when you’re out working with other customers or generating new business for your real estate company, it’s tough to always be available. That’s where a qualified VA comes in.

    Let your VA set appointments, respond to emails, or answer phone calls while you’re away. Never miss another lead because you’re at a home walkthrough. Your VA can be your second voice so no client email goes unanswered.

    Increased Time for New Business Efforts

    If you break down your day and the amount of time you spend on generating new business and clients for your real estate business, it’s likely you’re spending too much time on other tasks. To grow your business a significant amount of your time needs to be focused on the activities that will drive new clients to your real estate operation.

    While we’d all like to add more hours to the day, it just isn’t possible. But with your new VA it may feel like you’ve done just that. By passing all the time-consuming tasks that fill your day off to your VA, you’ll have time to focus on what really matters to the future of your business – acquiring new clients and increasing revenue! 

    The Perception of Size

    Even if your real estate business is a one-person operation, there’s something to be said for the appearance of having a larger team. Clients will appreciate that you have another person as back up when you aren’t available and they will look at additional employees as a sign of your success and experience in real estate.

    So even if you are just a small startup or mom-and-pop type of operation, a VA can give potential new clients peace of mind that there will always be someone available to help them and that you’re a booming business with multiple employees.


    If you’re looking for an inexpensive, efficient way to add headcount to your real estate business to free up your time, and sanity, you should think about hiring a virtual assistant. You may just get to spend more time with your family this busy season while also generating more revenue for your real estate business.