• Online Rent PaymentDon’t have time to meet tenants for rent collection?

    Don’t want to sit in your office all day waiting for someone that might never show up?

    Your time is money. Let tenants pay online, to make it easier for everyone. If a tenant wants to pay at 11:30pm on the first, they can, without excuses.

    Allow tenants to pay online through our website, and they can call 24×7 if there’s a problem. Allow technology and our quality service to help your business collect more rent on time.

    • Tenants pay rent online from our secure website & the service deposits it directly to your account; we never touch the money
    • Tenants can setup recurring payments to minimize late rent
    • Send reminder emails & call tenants

    The best online rent payment service combines online payment options with technical phone support for your tenants. Online rent payment can be combined with our other services for added value. Browse our service packages Here.

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