• Maintenance CoordinatorYou’re busy, and your time is valuable. Stop getting woken up at 3am with complaints of dripping faucets or noisy neighbors.

    Let our expert Property Maintenance Call Center handle all your 24×7 tenant phone calls, including complaints and those tricky maintenance issues that might not need a contractor visit. Our 24×7 Maintenance Call Center, like all our services and technology, are cloud-based.

    • Tenants report issues by phone & online, with pictures or videos
    • Diagnose, troubleshoot & mitigate some maintenance issues. For example:
      • Walk a tenant through resetting a circuit breaker
      • Instruct a tenant to shut off water when a pipe bursts to minimize damage until your contractor arrives
      • Engage your contractor or property maintenance personnel the next business day, according to your pre-approved instructions, or immediately if it’s an emergency
    • Dispatch your contractors or property maintenance company only when necessary (per your pre-established instructions)
    • Follow-up with tenants and contractors
    • Keep you informed through regular reports

    We also handle complaint calls, attempt to resolve, and keep you informed. We are more than a property maintenance call center; we ‘hand-hold’ your tenants and contractors through to resolution, and document everything along the way, almost like a virtual property manager.

    100% of our property services calls are recorded, and we document interactions with your tenants.

    We are a barrier between you and your tenants, so you can finally stop taking your work home with you. We have a range of property services to support you up with managing your properties. Browse our service packages Here.

    Rental property management companies and DIY Landlords can all benefit from some extra time for a stable low monthly cost.

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