• Helper Services

    • Handle tenant maintenance & complaint phone calls 24x7
    • Enable tenants to report issues by phone & online, and send pictures or videos
    • Diagnose, troubleshoot & mitigate some maintenance issues
    • Coordinate appointments with your contractors (per your pre-established instructions)
    • Follow-up with tenants and contractors
    • Keep you informed through regular reports
    • All our services are cloud-based, ensuring availibillity 

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  • Intermediate Helper Service, PLUS:

    • Communicate with tenants on your behalf, including preparing tenant notices, broadcasting emails, and sending mass text messages for important announcements, and conducting surveys
    • Provide financial summary reports
    • With cameras and smart locks, we can coordinate live with on-site contractors and let them into the building
    • With cameras and smart locks, we can let tenants into their unit when they're locked out
    • Pay contractors on your behalf, from your account

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