• 4 Summer Hazards to Avoid at Your Rental Property

    Summer. The season of carefree living and a no-worry lifestyle. But that isn’t always the case for the hard-working landlord or property manager fielding calls about mosquito infestations, falling air conditioning units, or broken door hinges after a particularly rowdy “Sunday Funday.”

    As a responsible landlord or property manager there are ways you can prepare your property to be safer and more enjoyable for your tenants during the hot summer months. You definitely don’t want an unfortunate event putting a damper on the best months of the year for your tenants!

    Be Sure Window Air Conditioning Units Are Secure

    If your property is an older home or building, it’s unlikely to have central air conditioning. And for the most part landlords or property managers leave the responsibility of installing window air conditioning units up to the tenants themselves. Sometimes this can mean serious accidents when poor installation causes an air conditioning unit to fall.

    To ensure the safety of your tenants and passing pedestrians, you should offer to install or at least inspect the window units in your building. Then you can be sure they are secure in the window, and that any support beam underneath is made of metal and not wood that can rot and collapse with dripping water from the unit.

    Offer Regular Pest Control and Window Screens

    Naturally when the weather is a bit nicer, your tenants are likely to keep their doors and windows open, welcoming unwanted critters like mosquitos and ticks into your property. Depending on what areas of the world or country your property is located in, these pests can carry dangerous and unwanted diseases.

    Protect your tenants from this summer hazard by scheduling regular, or even more frequent, visits from pest control to spray for unwelcomed creepy crawlers. And if your tenants don’t have screens in their windows, think about installing them or at least providing screens for your tenants to prop up in the window when they are enjoying the fresh summer air.

    Check Your Property for Mold After the Humid Summer Months

    You may not think you need to be worried about moisture during the hot summer months, but this is the time of year where your property is most susceptible to dangerous mold formation. In many parts of the world, with summer comes rain storms and excess humidity making it more difficult for your property to air out.

    With the heat also comes excess bathing and showers in your property’s bathroom and moisture-filled air conditioning units. At some time towards the end of the summer it’s important to have your property checked for any mold formation. The effects of mold on your property and tenants are hazardous and dangerous. Protect yourself and your tenants from this summer hazard with a quick inspection.

    Protect Your Tenants from the Harmful Effects of Too Much Sun

    It might be a bit too much to tell your tenants to load up on sunblock or wear a hat, but there are things you can do to protect your tenants from the summer hazards that come with too much sun.

    Does your property have an outdoor space? Invest in some umbrellas or tents to place near the outdoor furniture to encourage your tenants to stay out of the sun. You can also plant tall trees or shrubbery around a pool or common area for some natural shade. It’s a small touch your tenants will appreciate when they’re spending all day baking in that July or August heat.


    For landlords and property managers attempting to avoid the summer hazards that could endanger their tenants, it’s really about being a bit more cautious and offering some additional services to your tenants. While some of these things may be a small added expense we are certain your tenants will appreciate the extra care for their well-being, and will be more likely to renew with you come the end of their lease term.