• 5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Busy Property Manager

    Another year has flown by while we are all busy managing our portfolio of properties. And as we slide into 2018, you may have some ideas for how you would like to improve your property management business in the new year. But who has the time?

    Sure, everyone wants to increase efficiencies, have less vacancies, improve their accounting or acquire more clients and properties. But all those important activities require time that you might not have. So, here are some solutions to the most important resolutions on your list – that you just don’t have time for!

    1. Acquire more clients or properties. What property manager’s resolution list doesn’t include something about increasing their business in the new year? The only challenge in fulfilling this resolution is the need for more resources, time and a solid growth strategy.

    Because you understand your business best, your time is more valuable spent creating a strategy for new business while the implementation of those strategies can be left to someone else! For example, if part of your growth includes a new marketing strategy for your social media channels, you can use a social media assistant to schedule posts, write creative copy, or interact with your followers while you focus on the company vision and message.

    1. Increase the efficiency of business processes. Is that stack of papers in the corner of your office staring you down right now? Maybe streamlining your business is one of your big goals for 2018. Perhaps you want to go paperless? 

    Often times, increased efficiency drives productivity and profits. Being more efficient also saves you valuable time in the long run. Bringing in a consultant or expert that can help you identify areas of needed improvement can mean big changes for your business in the future, and less time trying to organize that always present stack of papers at the end of your desk.

    1. Stick to a budget. This resolution is likely on your personal and professional resolutions list. Setting a budget is never easy or fun but it’s an important part of maximizing your profits and growing your property management company.

    But you don’t need a fancy accountant or CFO to help you and your business stick to a budget. Once you set your own budget sticking to it could be as simple as using an app or piece of accounting software, or even a virtual assistant to organize receipts and accounts to keep you on track!

    1. Spend more time with family. As a busy property manager or landlord, there’s really no “punching the clock.” You’re likely almost always in business mode and you’ve probably gotten an evil stare across the dining room table from your significant other when picking up that important call from one of your tenants in the middle of dinner.

    Give yourself the gift of a virtual assistant in the new year. Not only can they pick up important calls for you, they can handle pressing issues like after-hours maintenance emergencies or virtually unlocking doors for locked-out tenants. Your family will thank us.

    1. Focus on your personal New Year’s resolutions. Just like spending more time with your family, we want you to have more moments to yourself overall this new year while also growing your property management business. Having time to focus on your personal resolutions like going to the gym more or reading that list of books you made for your 2017 resolutions is to focus on delegating the most time-consuming tasks of your business to someone else.

    How about hiring a virtual assistant well versed in the nuances of property management?

    Don’t let 2018 fly by like 2017 did. And don’t let the year pass you by without devoting time to the people and things you love. Your property management company can grow while you play baseball with your kids, bring your train hobby back to life, or sleep for that matter! Make hiring a virtual assistant part of your 2018 resolutions list – today!